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Did you know we are a ZERO WASTE company?

That's right. During our production process, which uses primarily second hand textiles, we sort and utilize all scrap pieces for smaller cuts, like pockets, zipper ends, facing, backing, and when it is too small to be used for a project, it is placed in a special bin, where we used the absolute smallest textile scraps as stuffing for home goods. 

Behind the Brand

Sally Ann is Sally Keiser.

A Michigan native, now back in her home state after years of living in the south. Sewing since she was 7 years old, Sally is so passionate about being a maker.

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sally has owned and operated Sally Ann all across the United States, with clients and friends representing her brand around the globe.


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We'd love to tackle your custom requests. It's actually kind of our specialty. Tell us about your favorite textile. That shirt of grandpa's or the wall hanging you just can't get rid of, but want to incorporate it into your wardrobe and time capsule. We'd love to make it a wearable accessory for you.

We look forward to connecting with you to create amazing slow fashion!

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