Introducing: Serial Numbers

Introducing: Serial Numbers

In the spirit of "there's always room for improvement", I stumbled upon the next change within my company, serial numbers for handbags. When I was exploring new techniques with leather stamping, it came to me before bed, as most of my ideas do. While sometimes it's in a dream, others it's in the bath after a long day, sometimes even at my machine, this one was last at night, on a Wednesday. 

I was thinking about how I could personalize interiors of bags. One time, for my sisters birthday, I personalized her bag as best as I could, and I monogrammed her initials on the lining along with a special birthday wish. It read "HBD RMK", Happy Birthday, Rachael Mae Keiser. She knew what it meant, and even better, the bag was a vintage tea towel made from the year she was born. I'm pretty sure she saves the bag and doesn't wear it too often because it was special for her birthyear, plus the fabric gets dirty pretty easily since it's light in color. Although I'm pretty sure my sister could successfully keep a white handbag pristine. Me, not so much. 

I digress.

So! Handbags. Last night. Leather. I was thinking about how I could personalize bags. I just finished a special bag for another Rachel, this one just -el, a Valentine's gift from her husband and she picked out the color combination. I was thinking how nice it would have been if I were able to stamp a short inscription on leather and rivet it to the interior. Then! Whoa, I should number the bags to make them even more special, more of a commodity, more of a numbered piece of art, 'signed' in some aspect, by me. 

I am still working out the details, but that way, each handbag will be numbered from here on out, and an archival page will exist on this site somewhere, with each bag having an approximate "made" date tied to the serial number, and a photo. This will also serve as a great reflection of the evolution of bags, and what I've made.

Oh, I just want to go stamp and stamp and stamp. I'm so excited to improve my leatherworking skills to make such special bags. 

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