New year, new Sally Ann

Hello there. My name is Sally Keiser, the face behind the machine which you rarely see here at Sally Ann. On top of heading up this company, I used to be a blogger. It feels like a past life. I lived in another land, 1000 miles from here, it was a completely different lifestyle, but then again, I was still just as passionate about sewing. I documented my sewing progress with my company, sewing tutorials for everyday clothing, eco-friendly home projects, personal cooking feats, animals that were my children then, and some personal trips and thoughts. It's been years, my old blog is long gone, and I feel like a new woman with so many things on my mind. Let's consider this my a clean slate. A place where I'll share some inside looks into the company and why I do what it is that I do. How I do them, and how your support of my company shapes my family.

I hope you'll follow along.

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