Market Bag | Available in 6 colors

Black and Gold
Surprise / Random Color

Designed for every use and in between, whether its a quick trip to the grocery store or a day at the beach, this tote is an upgraded look from the standard shopping bag style. 

Depth in bottom allows you to stuff if so full! I've been using mine for a diaper/all day bag for my toddler. It allows me to be able to carry a small purse and have all of her items easily accessible with a big opening in the bag. 

Faux leather exterior is super soft and pliable, allowing this bag to take a beating but still be comfortable against your skin and clothes. Gentle and tough.

Colors are subject to change in this listing and will be up

Dimensions: approx 15" wide at bottom, 23" tall, 5" deep

Lining may vary from photo.

Made in a zero waste studio.