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Sally Ann

Chocolate Faux Leather Fanny Pack

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It's finally here! A fanny pack/ bum bag. 

Small and compact with one zipper compartment and an adjustable strap.

Buttery soft chocolate brown faux leather exterior and bright interior.

Purple strap.

Swivel clasp hooks to a D ring at one side for easy on/off.


strap options available at 40” and 50”. 
model shown is 5’7” 125lbs wearing 40” option at shorter setting for waist and adjusted to be longer for cross body wear 

slider allows for versatile strap length for cross body or hip wear, with an open end along the back side of the slider. measure across back and chest and around hips for precise measurement before ordering. 

needing longer than 50”? Message after purchase and longer strap can be cut for custom bags. 


these are made to order and will take a few weeks for completion and delivery.